1st NCTS/NTHU Winter School: High Energy Astrophysics - Archive of Materials

Recorded lectures and talks

Use the links below to access the recordings of the lectures and talks. Note that the final lecture of each series includes an extended 30 min discussion and Q&A session. Where available, slides and other missing materials will be provided shortly.

Please report any problems to erowen@gapp.nthu.edu.tw

Lecture series

Prof Jim Hinton

Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy

Prof Yoshiyuki Inoue

Cosmological aspects of high energy astrophysics

Prof Albert Kong

Fundamentals of observational high energy astrophysics

Dr Frank Rieger

Cosmic particle acceleration

Prof Kinwah Wu

Multi-messenger astrophysics and gamma-ray astrophysical sources

Prof Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang

Cosmic ray feedback in galaxies and clusters

Keynote lecture

Prof Werner Hofmann

Gamma ray astronomy with Cherenkov telescopes - Past, Present and Future

Highlight science talks

Prof Hsiang-Kuang Chang

MeV Astronomy Instrumentation Development in Taiwan

Prof Kwan Lok Li

High-Energy Radiation of Classical Novae

Dr Alison Mitchell

Galactic PeVatrons in the multi-wavelength context

Dr Ellis Owen

Exploring starburst origins of the extra-galactic gamma-ray background

Dr Pooja Surajbali

Observing large-scale structures in the gamma-ray sky